Romantic landscape&compositions. Chernivtsi. 1998.

Tetyana Dugaeva, art consultant
Director of Chernivtsi Art Museum

The Portrait of the Artist in the Townscape

    Oleg Liubkivskiy’s artistic method was formed and has gained its recognition within the seventies up to the nineties of our century. Born in 1950 in Chernivtsi, Bukovina, he had finished the Applied Art’s College in Vizhnitsa, Chernivtsi region. Both the artist’d own art & personality were being formed gradually & have reached their utmost during last years.
A panoramic representation with the nice architectural forms, typical outlines of Chernivtsi’s cathedrals, familiar buildings with charming towers & a lot of architectural details is revelated before us. There compositions have a peculiar property of an attentive beholder having been as if involved inside them. Such are e.g. the etchings “Over the City”. “The Landscape with the Town-hall”. There works are peculiar because of the masterly interpretation of the urbanic scene moving from the primary idea & initial drafts though the thorough selection of the colouric accents & new-found rhythms to the final landscape which seems to be entirely in key with the author’s idea. Liubkivsky feels a real love to the architectural style our city is build in. He thinks the city itself to be a completed picture & the architectural relief-an independent character. Self-activity of the architectural representation is revealed also in works with the specific certain motif. The pictures such as “St. George’s Church”. “St. Nikolas’ Church” are being attractive due to the fascination of their strong & new emotional aura. The pictures we look at are not simply accurate & detailed compositions, but majestically romantic as well as gently lyrical images of the cathedrals. Luckily found paper size, viewpoint, horizon chosen & foreground details being superbly harmonious add to the formation of a beholder’s understanding of the author’s aim.


   The painter gives his thorough attention to the sky, to the shape & rhythmic arrangement of clouds. The charm of its own is well seem in the composition named “Kaiser Cafe”. The painters evokes our memory to the time when our native city was flourishing, when there pavilions were the integral part of the Theatre Square ensemble. Hardly anyone is able to recognize them, the remains of “Little Vien”, that had found their rescue somewhere in the backyard. So sad a monument to the degrading society, it is at the same time the authors inner pain for his native city, its decline & fall. The specific architecture of the city is, in the artist’s own words, the live energy of the European culture, being a part of which gives the strength to live to the city’s inhabitants & its art.
The other side of Oleg Liubkivsky’s art is his purely abstract vision of the architectural surrounding theme. The composition “Metamorphoses” is a fantastic variation of the subconscious vision of some different world, whereas non-figurative subjects in “The Act”, “The Nymph”, “The Venus”, “The Red Cat”, “The Mirror” attract one’s attention because of their complex idea & nice unexpected manner of performance containing the ironic attitude towards pretentious “creations” of modern painters.


   The artist’s talent is rather versatile. He has the great skill & mastery in different techniques like drawing, water-colour, oil-painting &, of course, etching (copper-etching). His improvisations in depicting the textures of different materials, showing the volumes, masses & spaces are virtuous. His compositions are extremely expressive & integral, though details are paid fixed attention to, nicely & scrupulously drawn. Being named by the author merely “the artist’s amusements” they by no doubt are the works of art of rather a high level. They are recognized not only by extremely technique, but the harmony of form & content, by rich imagery. It Would be a good thing to underline the highest degree of self-particularity & captuousness of the artist as to his own creative work and, certainly to himself, his fantastic scrupulousity while acting.
To get acquainted to Oleg Liubkivsky’s work is to meet a personality who found a real harmony in the life & art, for whom the act of an artist’s participating in the elevated side of life, of the honourable mission of the creator in the world’s spiritual life.